The Best Investment Property Suburbs In Brisbane

There’s no doubt about it, Brisbane is one of the hottest property markets to invest in Australia at this moment. There are a handful of ‘growth’ suburbs and if you want to know what a few of the best investment property suburbs in Brisbane are, then continue to read on.

1. Albany Creek Moreton Bay

Properties in this Brisbane suburb are affordable and can yield an impressive return on your investment. The median price for a house is around $585,000, and that number is expected to grow in the future. This means buying now might be a smart move. An interesting note to make is that it takes an average of 40-42 days for a house to sell, so homes do sell quite fast.

This suburb is popular for many reasons including that  it is not too far from Brisbane CBD. If you are after a good piece of property that will likely increase in value within the next few years, then look no further than Albany Creek Moreton Bay.

2. Bald Hills

Another investment property suburb worth looking into is Bald Hills, which is actually the northernmost suburb in Brisbane. The population is around 7,000, so it is on the small side in terms of population. One of the reasons you should invest in property in Bald Hills is because of the prices. You can easily find properties for around $450,000.

Bald Hills is a very safe place to live, which is another reason why you should consider buying property there. You shouldn’t have a huge problem renting your property out after you have purchased it.

3. Ascot

With dozens of properties for sale throughout Ascot, now is the time to buy. The suburb is known for its large houses, so if you’re after a large Queenslander home you’d like to invest in or rent out, then Ascot is for you. There are many reasons why this suburb ranks among the top property investment suburbs of Brisbane, includes being near many attractions, large homes, and safety.

If your targeted market is families, then consider buying a property in Ascot. It is a very family-friendly area and there are a lot of things families can do together. However, do feel free to invest in property in Ascot, even if you don’t plan on renting it out to families.

4. Graceville Brisbane

A lot of people consider Graceville to be one of the most family-friendly suburbs in Brisbane. There are a number of parks in this suburb and kids love living here. Also, the lifestyle is laid back, so if you’re looking to invest in an area that is quite quiet, then this is it.

Let’s not forget to mention that there are a number of dining spots and cafes. Just make sure you compare a few properties in Graceville before deciding which one to buy. If possible, schedule an inspection/walk-through for the properties that interest you the most.

5. Ormiston Redland

This is one of the more expensive suburbs to invest in. You can expect to spend around $690,000 for a piece of property in Ormiston Redland.

Other Suburbs

Bear in mind those five suburbs are only a few of the top ones to invest in. Others include Sunnybank Hills Brisbane-South, Wakerley Brisbane and Wynnum West Brisbane. Those suburbs should appeal to investors of all experiences. Whether you’re a new investor, seasoned investor or own multiple properties already, you will find exactly what you’re looking for in those suburbs.

Those are some of the best investment property suburbs in Brisbane. All you have to do now is compare those suburbs in greater detail and decide which one you want to invest in property in.

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