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Lot 653 Cambridge Way Ecco Ripley Ripley QLD 4306
AU$27,000 /Potenial Rental Income Per Annum
450 6Bedrooms 4Bathrooms
6 Beds
4 Baths
2 Garages
450 m²

we welcome you to discover more in a frd home

FRD Homes is a dedicated residential building and construction company. We are privately owned, licenced by the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) and operate within the highest standards of the Housing Institute of Australia (HIA).

Our homes are beautiful yet practical and are designed to meet the needs of the modern Australian family. We build futures and offer a range of quality homes which provide wonderful living spaces for our residents. Whether you are building your first home, you are an experienced investor or completing a residential community of in demand house and land packages, we can design and construct homes which are timely and affordable and meet the complexities of any budget, size, shape or covenant.

All our homes are built on a fixed priced contract set prior to execution so there are no hidden fees for peace of mind.

working with frd group

FRD Homes is part of the FRD Group which, since 2005, has been involved in the development, sales and management of more than 40 residential communities across southeast Queensland. We are an integrated property company with interests in finance, real estate and development. Our people have significant experience in property investment, development and construction and understand the stringent requirements of our strategic partners across our markets. We appreciate your need for full disclosure, open communication and expert response.

Our directors alongside all our team, invite you to do business with FRD and welcome you to discover more in a FRD Home today.


  • Engineers soil report & slab design
  • Council building application fees (standard applications based on Local City Council excluding town planning, bonds etc.)

site works, foundations & connections

  • Fixed price site works including cut/fill and retaining walls as required.
  • Engineer designed concrete slab & footings with control joints where applicable
  • Termite treatment to slab penetrations and physical perimeter barrier
  • Sewer & Storm water connections to existing serviceable connection points
  • Water connection from pre-tapped water main

energy efficiency

  • 6 Star Rated as per government regulations.
  • R2.5 ceiling batts to ceiling area (excluding garage and external roof area)
  • R1.5 walls batts to external walls (where required)
  • Double sided foil “Wall-wrap” to external stud wails
  • 250L Electric Storage HWS
  • Weather seals fitted to external hinged doors
  • Wall mounted split system reverse cycle air conditioner to living room and master bedroom
  • 500 KPA water pressure limiting device
  • Energy efficient down lights to dwelling, fluorescent lights to garage

Property details:

Property ID: HI-03575
Property Type: Dual-Lock
Property Status: Sale
Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 4
Garages: 2
Area Size: 450 m²

Property address:

Lot 653 Cambridge Way Ecco Ripley Ripley QLD 4306
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