Our Journey

Our Journey

The Phone Homes journey started back in 2011. The initial idea came when Ben Wilkinson (Principal) signed the contracts to build his first home, a dream he had since he was just 12 years old.

The dream was short-lived as it does for most first-time investors, when Ben ran into many problems throughout the investment process and started to wonder how he could improve the investment process and make it easier and more enjoyable.

He thought, “Maybe there was an easier, more efficient way to sorting out your finances, finding the right location for your property and choosing the right builder?”

Through a lot of research, it was clear that there were a number of company’s attempting this concept, but they still failed to deliver. A company may have had a good finance process, but a terrible quality of builds. Some would have the right desired location but no customer support. All in all, nobody had the entire package that made the property process and enjoyable experience.

What Ben found was that you would have to work with at least 5 different companies’ all at once to achieve a decent result. However, there was always still a large risk of going through this process independently and making sure everyone was working in your best interest while completely understanding your end goal, buying your home and making your dream a reality.

From this idea and dream to give the ultimate customer experience, product and services, Ben over a 3-year period decided to end his career in financial services and began working for a highly regarded Queensland builder. He then worked with a finance company and alongside a financial planning company. After many years of research, experience, design and learning the best aspect of each industry he then combined all of these aspects into one customer-centric service.

While all of this was happening, Jackson Dean (Principal) began working on the marketing & advertising side of this new innovative property company that Ben had envisioned. Jackson Dean’s background was an ASX professional trader and had previously managed an Australian hedge fund, so he brought with him a wealth of knowledge to help communicate the new property concept to the everyday investor. As Jackson was a professional investor, property investing was something he strongly believed in and they decided to partner up to truly take the vision as far as they knew it could go together.

One day in the gym, both Jackson and Ben were talking about the company, which at the time operated under a different company name and were discussing the true core value that this innovative property company offered their clients.

What they realised was that they were the first company to have successfully liaised their customers through the entire property investment process, over the phone. It was a first of its kind because of their industry reach with the award-winning partners they had established. This unique access allowed them to liaise every step of the property investment process all over the phone, and that’s when the boys said a statement that will live in Australian history.

“You know…most people wouldn’t know that they can….Own a Home Over The Phone”

The penny dropped and the brand was born.

Phone Homes, “Own Your Home Over The Phone”

Fast-forward to the present day and the Phone Homes mission is to change the lives of thousands of everyday Australians by securing their futures, one home at a time.

We now have an exceptionally experienced team at Phone Homes with a combined industry experience of more than 45 years, providing independent and free advice on the entire property process whether you’re a first home buyer or seasoned investor. Phone Homes has also teamed up with some of Australia’s most trusted and award-winning companies to give their customers a truly world-class experience.

At Phone Homes we promote the fact that you can ‘own your home over the phone,’ because it is really possible with the way the process is streamlined, efficient and customer-centric over the phone.

With that being said, we do personally meet most of our happy clients to provide that extra personal touch and build our long-term commitment to your family. We build lifetime relationships with our clients as we know that we will be the first people your family members and friends will call to ‘own their homes over the phone’ too. And in most cases, when you personally call us for your second, third or tenth home too!

So now that you know a little more about our team, we would like to learn a little more about you and how we can help you achieve your dream of owning your next home!

You can start by booking in an appointment with us directly here, or seeing if you qualify here.

* DISCLAIMER: Guaranteed rental income on select properties only, up to the first 3 years. Phone Homes are not tax advisers or accountants. Please seek advise from your accountant regarding specific tax benefits and strategies that apply to your circumstances. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance and any growth rates quoted are not to be relied upon.

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