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Our proprietary and top-rated property investment service finds the very best investment properties.
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At Phone Homes
We Believe...
  • Owning an investment property will put you on the path to long-term success.
  • Everyday investors should not carry the burden of spending hundreds of hours completing the complex process of owning an investment property.
  • Accessing property investment experts should be possible for all types of investors.
What Our Clients Say...
About working with our team
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Top 3 Benefits Working With Phone Homes
  • Premium Support: Have constant updates and support from our property experts while finding you the perfect investment property.
  • ​High Capital Growth Areas: Our experts sort through hundreds of opportunities to find explosive hotspots.
  • Completely Done-For-You: We will help complete the entire investment process for you so that the process is enjoyable and mistake-free while also fast-tracking your new income source.

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Phone Homes, Own Your Home Over The Phone. Australia's Leaders in Positive Cashflow Properties.
Benefits Of An Investment Property
These are some of the potential outcomes you can experience by owning an investment property.
  • Weekly Cashflow: Adding a new income source to your portfolio of investment assets.
  • ​Yearly Tax Breaks: Every year give your accountant an easy way to subtract thousands in taxes for you.
  • ​Long-term capital growth: How much has your home increased over time? 
  • ​Early Retirement Planning: Retire earlier, or retire more financially secure but most importantly, retire on your terms.
Our Investment Property Success Checklist
When we research opportunities for our clients we are looking at everything that can contribute to potential future capital growth
  • ​​​Undervalued Land: We look for land that is in the locations people want to live, then pinpoint the best deals.
  • ​Proximity to CBD: We find opportunities close to important job hubs so that we are assured of long-term asset growth.
  • Government Infrastructure Spending: The locations we favourite have billions of dollars of planned Government spending that will drive long-term capital growth of your asset.
  • Close To Schools & Childcare Centres: By investing where families live, we secure long-term tenants for our clients.
  • Close To ​Public Transport: By positioning our investments close to public transport we drive rental yields higher for our clients.
  • ​Close To Shops & Hospitals: These characteristics drive demand and widen the scope for finding tenants for your investment, which is all apart of our fully-managed service.
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What Clients Say About Us:
Life Changing Stories are the result of working with the Phone Homes team.
Matthew Scerri: Sydney NSW.
Business Owner & Property Investor

About this video:
Matthew Scerri runs a full-time dance studio business based in Sydney and just simply has no time to find investment properties. Matt explains his experience working with the Phone Homes team in securing his third investment property and the main reasons why he loves the service.

Bill & Ying Greig: Adelaide, SA.

About this video:
Bill & Ying had 3 original investment properties before they engaged our service and had mixed experiences when they purchased them! Their experience with our Phone Homes property service though was flawless and they speak highly about how positive their experience was in comparison to other properties they have previously bought. Worth the watch if you're a potential client sitting on the fence!

Gary Chiorsi: Adelaide, SA.
Migrant from South Africa

About this video:
Gary Chiorsi came from South Africa and since he arrived he's worked with the Phone Homes team in creating a budget and plan. Gary refinanced his debts to be prepped for his eventual investment property and through the refinance alone he saved around $4,000 a year and will use the extra cash flow to pay off his mortgage twice as quickly.

The Vitukawala's: Brisbane, QLD.
Full-time Factory Workers

About this video:
One of our best success stories, the Vitukawala's have been trying to get an investment property for over 19 years and their dream finally became a reality by working with the Phone homes team securing their first investment property! A great story so watch and enjoy! 

Brett & Rebecca Harvey: Newcastle, NSW.
Full-time Builder

About this video:
Brett works full-time & Rebecca is a stay-at-home mum. They have now secured their first investment property in Helensvale, Gold Coast and they did it completely over-the-phone and interstate from Newcastle. This story is a great showcase of the Phone Homes service working exactly the way it is intended for our valued interstate investors. 

Samira Boyce: Central Coast, NSW
Full-Time Nurse

About this video:
Samira is a full-time nurse and simply had no time or the experience required to buy an investment property. Samira took the leap of faith and signed up with the Phone Homes service and has now successfully secured a positively-geared investment property that is now providing her with an additional income each week and annual tax breaks for her hard-earned annual income.
Glenn & Julie Bellingham: Melbourne, VIC.
Self Employed & Volunteers

About this video:
Glenn & Julie have successfully secured their first investment property with the Phone Homes service and it was truly a great team effort from both parties to make the magic happen. This was made possible through the constant communication and trust we built throughout the relationship. What started as an uncertain beginning through not knowing who we were has turned into a great success story for them! 
Robert & Julie Callow: Sydney, NSW.
Full-time Fightfighter & Full-time Nurse

About this video:
Robert & Julie are a story of full-time (+overtime) workers that simply just didn't have the time to find an investment property so they engaged with our property investment service. They have now successfully secured their next one with the Phone Homes team and the property is positively-geared and they couldn't be happier! A great video that showcases a super skeptical beginning to now highly-trusted clients (& friends) of Phone Homes!
Ryan & Tracey Patterson: Sydney, NSW.
Full-time IT Consultant & Full-time Teacher

About this video:
Ryan & Tracey are yet another story of working full-time and not having enough time to find a positively-geared investment property. Living in Sydney they were searching for an investment property in South-East Queensland. Our property acquisition team eventually found them a perfect positively-geared property on the Sunshine Coast! Watch this interview now to see a real glimpse into the Phone Homes experience and working closely with our team!
Bill & Shauna Conley: Sydney, NSW.
Full-time Electrician & Full-time Storeworker

About this video:
Bill & Shauna Conley came through our referral program and have successfully secured a positively-geared investment property. Initially, they were quite hesitant however, they took the leap of faith and now are looking back and wondering why they didn't get an investment property sooner! Watch this quick interview and learn from their experience!
Tyler & Mandy Smith: Sydney, NSW.
Full-time Banker & Self-Employed

About this video:
Tyler & Mandy were looking for a positively geared investment property and enrolled in the Phone Homes service to do the hard work for them. This interview gives viewers a comprehensive understanding of what it's like to work with our team. Both Tyler & mandy had outstanding things to say about the service overall and we wish them all the best on their investment journey!
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Over 100+ Authentic 5-Star Client Reviews. 
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An Unmatched Service Deserves An Unmatched Promise
"We will find you and your family a premier investment property that we would recommend to our friends & family too and we will continue to work until you agree we have fulfilled that promise."

The Phone Homes Team
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The Phone Homes Property Investment Service is a truly unique and all-inclusive service.  

Our service is designed to overcome the long and complex process of purchasing an investment property by assigning our clients an investment property expert who acts as a personal assistant to complete the entire process with you.

This makes the process enjoyable and mistake-free while also fast-tracking your new income source & tax benefits for building long-term wealth.

So take away the stress and work with the best.

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