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Phone Homes Are Accredited Corporate PIPA Members
PIPA Property Investment Professionals Australia Phone Homes Own Your Home Over The Phone
PIPA is the peak Property Investment Industry Association. We as members subscribe to a strict Code of Conduct in which our team train to become Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIA®), the highest regarded qualification for property investing in Australia. Only a QPIA® has the appropriate formal qualifications to provide genuine industry accredited property investment advice in Australia.
Browse Investment Properties With Expert Guidance
Introducing Phone Homes...
Australia's Trusted Property Investment Service
Our proprietary and top-rated property investment service finds the very best investment properties tailored to your circumstance & income goals.
  • Expert Support: Call Our Experts, Ask Questions & Get Answers
  • Award-Winning Partners: Invest With Australia's Best In Property
  • Positively Geared Properties: Our Investors Secure Positive Cashflow Investment Properties From Day One.
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At Phone Homes
We Believe...
  • Owning an investment property should generate you an income and not a headache.
  • Everyday investors should not carry the burden of spending hundreds of hours completing the complex process of owning an investment property.
  • Accessing investment property experts should be affordable.
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In 2019 We Are Enjoying:
The Lowest Interest Rates in Australian History
October, 2019:
Everything has changed! With the latest RBA rate cut to 0.75% we are now enjoying the lowest interest rates in Australian history! This means more everyday Australians are now finally able to unlock large amounts of additional weekly cashflow, just by finding out if they are eligible for their first (or next positive cashflow investment property! If you have not recently checked what additional weekly cashflow you are entitled too in 2019, wait no longer! Every single week is costing you and your family money!
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Phone Homes, Own Your Home Over The Phone. Australia's Leaders in Positive Cashflow Properties.
Top Three Investment Property Benefits With Phone Homes
We Are Industry Leading For A Reason.
Positively Geared Investment Properties: Work with our experts in finding a positive cashflow investment property that pays you an extra income every week.
High Capital Growth & Yield Areas: Our experts sort through over one-hundred suburbs to find explosive hotspots.
Completely Done-For-You: We will help complete the entire investment process for you so that the process is enjoyable and mistake-free while also fast-tracking your new income source.
More Investment Property Benefits
These are some of the potential outcomes you can experience by working with our expert team and strategic partners.
  • Mortgage Reduction: Paying off your current mortgage 5-10 years ahead of schedule.
  • Debt Consolidation: A simple process to free up more weekly cashflow.
  • ​Tax Minimisation: Our typical clients average $5,000-$10,000 in tax savings per year, every year from their investment property.*
  • ​Early Retirement Planning: Retire earlier, or retire more comfortably but most importantly, retire on your terms.
Our Investment Property Success Checklist
When we research opportunities for our clients we are looking at everything that can contribute to potential future capital growth.
  • ​​​Undervalued Land: We look for land that is well below the median value of the suburb historically.
  • ​Proximity to CBD: We find opportunities within 30kms of the CBD so that we are assured of long-term asset growth.
  • Government Infrastructure Spending: The locations we favourite have billions of dollars of planned Government spending that will drive long-term capital growth of your asset.
  • Close To Schools & Childcare Centres: By investing where families live, we secure long-term tenants for our clients.
  • Close To ​Public Transport: By positioning our investments close to public transport we drive rental yields higher for our clients.
  • ​Close To Shops & Hospitals: These characteristics drive demand and widen the scope for finding tenants for your investment, which is all apart of our fully-managed service.
Featured Premier Partners & Awards
Our Partners Are Brands You Know & Trust.
2019 - #1 Australian Home Builder 3 Years In A Row
2019 - Multi-Award Winning Premier Property Management Company
2019 - Top 15 Australian Finance Company
2019 - Multi-Award Winning Property Developer
At Phone Homes We Have Long-Standing Relationships With Australia's Leading Property Investment Brands So That You Receive Exclusive Pricing, Benefits & Premium Partner Services.
Did You Know?
 Phone Homes is an Australian owned and operated property investment service company and an industry leader for positive cashflow investment properties!
The Major Property Projection That Has Australian Property Investors Cheering
Australian Property Growth Projections (25 Years)
There has never been a better time than now to secure your next investment property so don't get left behind.
Did You Know?
The average Australian millionaire has 7 passive income sources.
The Phone Homes Process
A Start To Finish Support-Focused Solution For All Property Investors
Now finally there is a service where you can spend more time focusing on what your good at, while we focus on securing your new investment property and income stream.

Utilise our decades of battle-tested investment property experience and find your next high-growth, high-yield investment property.
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Why Invest In The Australian Property Market?
 Three reasons why now is the time.
Reason #1: 412% Growth over 25 Years!
National median house values are 412% higher over 25 years. Over the same period, the ASX All Ordinaries index has risen by a substantially lower 261%.
Reason #2: The Lowest Interest Rates in Australian History!
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has slashed interest rates in 2019 to a historic low of 0.75%, helping you reduce your repayments and earn more on your positive cashflow investment property!
Reason #3: Borrowing Power Increased!
APRA has given new guidance to Australian banks to reduce residential home lending assessment rates dramatically. In short, this policy is allowing banks to lend more, meaning you will qualify for a much higher value investment property compared with just 3 months ago.
What Clients Say About Us:
Here's what some of our recent clients said about our service.
- Dylan Knight, MELBOURNE
Purchased A Positive Cashflow Investment Property While Travelling Europe
- Gene Salvestrin, CAIRNS
Secured Multiple Investment Properties
- Iman Bahrani, GOLD COAST
Qualified & Secured Multiple Properties
- Kirk Fanning, GOLD COAST
Quick Phone Call With Our Finance Team
- Michael Homewood, MELBOURNE
Secured A Positively-Geared Interstate Investment Property 
A Short Phone Call Can Change It All
Meet Justin Forge.
After a short 30-minute phone call with our team and some strategic advice, Justin achieved the following.* 
  • $3,500 Saving Per Year: Every year off his current mortgage (interest rate cut by 2%). 
  • Time Needed To Acquire Investment Property Before The Quick Chat: 4 Years
  • ​Time Needed After Chat: 4-6 Months
Justin's Investment Property Will Achieve:
  • Approximate Annual Tax Saving: $5,500
  • Approximate Cashflow: $18,800
Our Promise
An Unmatched Service Deserves An Unmatched Promise
"We will find you and your family a premier investment property that we would recommend to our friends & family too and we will continue to work until you agree we have fulfilled that promise."

The Phone Homes Team
Ready For Your Next Investment Property?
The Phone Homes Property Investment Service is a truly unique and all-inclusive service.  

Our service is designed to overcome the long and complex process of purchasing an investment property by assigning our clients an investment property expert who acts as a personal assistant to complete the entire process with you.

This makes the process enjoyable and mistake-free while also fast-tracking your new income source and investment vehicle for building long-term wealth and achieving an early retirement.

So take away the stress,
Work with the best, 
And secure success. 

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